Thursday, May 17, 2012

Celebrating Memorial Day Best Bets for Pets style!

I have a fantastic interview that was just posted on Pet Life Radio Americas Vet Dogs and Bil Jac.  I was so fortunate to learn all the cool things Bil-Jac does with America's Vet Dogs.  I also spoke to Joe Worley, a disabled vet about his involvement  with America's Vet dogs, what it means to have a working dog and more.  PLEASE go to the Facebook page for  and "LIKE" them.  they will provide free treats to Vet's Dogs, for up to 1500 "LIKES".  You can also request a coupon for the tasty (Mr Z and Nicky love em) Vet Dogs treats.

The pics below are of Joe Worley and his vet dog Benjamin.   Besides the Pet Lfe Radio interview, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and speak to Joe in person at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando.  He is quite an amazing guy!

Joe Worley and Benjamin