Friday, April 18, 2014

Time for your Fat Feline to get Fit!

Over 58% of all cats are obese!   How can you get your cat in better shape?   Check out the Why Weight Pledge and listen to the Best Bets for Pets interview with  Karena and Katrina from Tone It UP.  
The second part of the show is all about great products from Smarty Kat for exercising your tubby tabby.

This is The Dennis........when I told him it's diet time!  Yeah, those big innocent eyes don't work for me.  My biggest challenge with Dennis?  Keeping him out of the dog food and cabinets.   Those claws of his are great for doing damage to a bag of dog food!   And he is VERY good about opening cabinets.  One smart cat!  Soon to be one svelte cat!