Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summer Time.....Pest Time!

Even  though summer is almost over, we still have several weeks of hot weather ahead.  This is peak time for pest.....fleas and ticks.   Listen to this show   Best Bets for Pets Adams Pet Care Show where Josh from Adams Pet Care shares smart ideas using Adams Pet Care and how to keep your fur kids and human family pest free!

Be sure to check out Pet Life Radio for all your pet needs!  

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Get the Feline fur Kids Clean!

Ever try to give  a cat a bath?   Exactly!!  So what's the next best alternative to avoid arms that look like you've been wrestling with barb wire?  Earthbath!!   I just "washed" The Dennis (yeah, he thinks like The Donald sometimes, so we call him The Dennis) with Earthbath Grooming Foam and Grooming Wipes.

Wow - he never smelt so good!  And for those of you that disagree with cleaning a also aids in removing dander, which helps those with allergy issues.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Time for your Fat Feline to get Fit!

Over 58% of all cats are obese!   How can you get your cat in better shape?   Check out the Why Weight Pledge and listen to the Best Bets for Pets interview with  Karena and Katrina from Tone It UP.  
The second part of the show is all about great products from Smarty Kat for exercising your tubby tabby.

This is The Dennis........when I told him it's diet time!  Yeah, those big innocent eyes don't work for me.  My biggest challenge with Dennis?  Keeping him out of the dog food and cabinets.   Those claws of his are great for doing damage to a bag of dog food!   And he is VERY good about opening cabinets.  One smart cat!  Soon to be one svelte cat!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Global Pet Expo 2014!

Wow - The Global Pet Expo 2014 was amazing!!   The show was larger than ever - over 4 miles of exhibitors!  

Show highlights
  • interviewed Kathy Ireland, who debuted her new pet product line, kathy ireland Loved Ones, which is in partnership with Worldwise.  The line is stunning and so is Kathy Ireland!  She really is just as beautiful inside as outside,  And an amazing business mogul!

  • Doggy Fashion Show at BH Pet Gear AKA Calm Coat!  There were 3 shows, this is the taping of the first show: BH Pet Fashion Show
    Host of the Fashion Show, Dana Humphrey.

    Meagan Blake and Smiley

    Jill Rappaport and friend

    Even cats need a calm coat!
  •  Interview with Jill Rappaport from the Today Show, see more of the Global Pet Expo here: Today Show
  • The most unusual product I saw - the CatGenie.  This is like a toilet for your cat.  Find out more at CatGenie .
World's Self cleaning cat litter box!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Cesar Millan Training Cesar's Way Dog Psychology Center at Country Inn Pet Resort & Animal Hospital

Very exciting interview with Cesar Millan!!  We were invited to the Training Cesar's Way (TCW) Dog Psychology Center to observe the first class and the dog whisperer himself, Cesar Millan!  The TCW Dog Psychology Center is the FIRST one on the east coast of the US and is located at the beautiful Country Inn Pet Resort & Animal Hospital (CIPRAH)!  Take a look at pics of the event.  Listen to interviews with people and trainers from the class, Monica Silva, owner of CIPRAH and with Cesar Millan here:  Cesar Millan, Class and Monica Silva Interview.  Below are pics of the event.  Interested in attending a TCW Dog Psychology Center class?  Contact the Country Inn Pet Resort & Animal Hospital .

Below is Cesar at his best!  This woman's dog was very anxious and excitable anytime a motorcycle was near.  And she lives in an area high populated with cycles.  When the dog first hear the motorcycle, he went crazy!  After some coaching from Cesar, the dog owner changed her behaviors, which lead to the dog changing his behaviors!   This all occurred within a matter of a few minutes.   You can see how calm the dog is in the pictures below.  He is barely glancing at the motorcycle!

More pics of the Country Inn Pet Resort & Animal Hospital on Pet Life Radio, Best Bets for Pets!

Monica Silva, owner of the Country Inn Pet Resort & Animal Hospital on Pet Life Radio, Best Bets for Pets!

A huge thank you to all the TCW Dog Psychology Center class participants, Monica Silva and her staff, the staff of TCW and Cesar Millan for their generosity in letting the crew at Pet Life Radio observe their class and particpate in the interviews.