Thursday, March 24, 2011

Petey......stuffed toy attack dog!

Petey and Mingo at rest.

Petey attacking poor Mingo!
Petey is very cute - just look at that picture!  You'd never believe how rough he is with his toys.  I normally know where Petey has been by following the pieces of dog toys on the floor.  Can you believe a little dog this innocent could be that rough?  Check out the pics above.   I think Petey just met his match!!! I tried a new toy from West Paw Design called Mingo.  It is an unstuffed plush toy, you can see here:  Mingo .    (On that same page click "Listen" to hear my review of that toy. )  I have also tried other West Paw Design dog and cat toys.  They are very durable.   Hey - if Mingo can last with Petey (and with Petey and Piggy playing tug of war) it is one very durable toy!

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