Sunday, April 24, 2011

Birthday Cake from K9 Cakery .  

Birthday cake with yogurt frosting!!  YUM!!!!   As you can see from the pictures, my testers devoured this cake!!!   One of testers is extremely picky, so I know if it passes the test with him, it's a winner.  The Dog Bone cake kit makes a large cake, and comes with frosting.  I even have left over frosting!  The cake will probably feed 6 to 8 medium size dogs and is very easy to make.   Listen to the podcast for more details and a trade secret!

Be sure to stop by K9 Cakery .  They have a lot more baking items than just the Dog Bone Cake Kit (frosting, decorating items, pans and more!!).

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  1. Nicky says - loved this cake! mom - I could have eaten the whole thing!!