Sunday, August 11, 2013

Simply the BEST way to brush your dog's teeth

OK, pet parents, who out there actually likes to brush your dog's teeth?  Brushing your dog's teeth is very important, but I don't think anyone likes it....not the dog or the pet parent!  Then.....along comes Zututh .   

This is not your ordinary doggy toothbrush.  It was developed by Dr. Dugan, an oral surgeon and has a unique feature for dogs.  Want to learn the most important  place to brush your dog's teeth......listen to Best Bets for Pets' interview with Dr. Dugan

And for those pet parents with, umm, sensitive (timid) dogs......Mr. Z and Nicky both tried Zututh electronic tooth brushes.  They were actually calmer than anticipated.  Mr Z is usually not patient with vibrating things in his mouth (who is?) , but he was OK with Zututh. 

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