Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Global Pet Expo 2014!

Wow - The Global Pet Expo 2014 was amazing!!   The show was larger than ever - over 4 miles of exhibitors!  

Show highlights
  • interviewed Kathy Ireland, who debuted her new pet product line, kathy ireland Loved Ones, which is in partnership with Worldwise.  The line is stunning and so is Kathy Ireland!  She really is just as beautiful inside as outside,  And an amazing business mogul!

  • Doggy Fashion Show at BH Pet Gear AKA Calm Coat!  There were 3 shows, this is the taping of the first show: BH Pet Fashion Show
    Host of the Fashion Show, Dana Humphrey.

    Meagan Blake and Smiley

    Jill Rappaport and friend

    Even cats need a calm coat!
  •  Interview with Jill Rappaport from the Today Show, see more of the Global Pet Expo here: Today Show
  • The most unusual product I saw - the CatGenie.  This is like a toilet for your cat.  Find out more at CatGenie .
World's Self cleaning cat litter box!

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